Jakarta (medialnews) – South Jakarta Administrative City Health Sub-Department Head JS Helmi said the Pasar Rumput Flats (Rusun) were only used as a place of centralized isolation (isoter) in line with the decrease in the number of COVID- 19 cases in DKI Jakarta.

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“Currently we are going to the Grass Market Flats. The LPMP and the Ragunan tourist refuge are temporarily rested. It is not what is left, but what is used, ”Helmi said during his confirmation in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Currently, the emergency hospital is treating up to 453 patients who have been confirmed positive for COVID-19. Operations coordinator 1 Integrated isolation of the Lettu Kes herb market Dr Dicky Budi Nur Cahya said the patient received adequate health facilities to speed up his recovery.

“Now it’s 453, so there is a decrease for yesterday, only 40 patients entered, 53 patients returned, so between the patients who went home and those who entered, many patients went home. “said Dicky.

In addition, Dicky said that currently his party is serving more patients who previously self-isolated in their respective homes in order to receive more appropriate treatment and avoid family reunification.

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“We refer people with symptoms to Wisma Atlet Kemayoran Hospital, so we are there for the patients. So those who experience self-isolation, we refer them here to properly monitor their condition, because previously there is had people who died because they weren’t being watched, ”Dicky said.

For treatment with Pasar Rumput Flats, he said, patients will be allowed to return to their respective homes after being isolated for 10 days and not showing symptoms of COVID-19.

“So if we no longer provide PCR testing here, if he has been isolated here for 10 days and is no longer symptomatic, he will be allowed to go home. However, if they are still showing symptoms, they will continue. “, did he declare.

DKI Jakarta is known to have 184 isolation locations with a total capacity of 26,134 people, the locations of which are determined by DKI Governor’s Decree No. 891 of 2021 regarding the determination of isolation locations.

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Publisher: Taufik Ridwan
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