BANDUNG – Governor of West Java, Ridwan kamil said the bed occupancy rate (BOR) at referral hospitals and Covid-19 isolation centers continued to decline.

The governor, who is colloquially known as Kang Emil, said the BOR of the Covid-19 referral hospital in West Java was now 60.17%, the BOR of isolation centers at 33.5%.

“In general, there has been a decrease in the number of patients in isolation centers and hospitals. Our isolation center BOR is on average 33.5% and the hospital BOR is around 60. , 17%, “Kang Emil said at a virtual press conference on Thursday (7/29). / 2021).

Kang Emil assured that his party continues to try to reduce the number of active positive cases, including the death rate of patients, especially those who undergo self-isolation (isoman).

A number of efforts have been made, starting with the distribution of free medicines for Covid-19 patients to a program of borrowing and using oxygen cylinders for those in need.

“There are about 2,000 provincial government oxygen cylinders in circulation, then telemedicine, there are about 2,000 questions from residents of Isoman,” he said.

In addition, Kang Emil continued, his party mobilized around 300,000 RT-based volunteers who were tasked with tracing those confirmed to be Covid-19.

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“They continue to update reports or case findings through the digital tracer system. This data is then submitted by the coordinator to be reported to the center based in puskesmas,” he said.

Not only that, his party continues to increase the capacity of health laboratories. Currently, the monitoring capacity in 126 health laboratories spread across West Java reaches 25,000 samples per day.

“We are aiming for the capacity to continue to expand to four times the current capacity,” he said.

Even so, Kang Emil admitted that the death rate of Covid-19 patients in a number of parts of West Java is still high. He mentioned three areas with the highest death rates, namely Garut, Karawang and Tasikmalaya.

“Our death rate (West Java) is 1.5% per day, an increase from 0.08% the previous week. There are three district towns with the highest death rates, namely Garut Regency 4.08%, Karawang Regency 4.02% and Tasikmalaya. 3.51 percent, “he said.


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