If the Nagrak Flats can be better controlled, supervised and facilitated

Jakarta (medialnews) – North Jakarta Mayor Ali Maulana Hakim has said that controlled isolation in apartments in Nagrak (Rusun) Cilincing is better than self-isolation at home.

“We are conveying to residents of North Jakarta that it is better to have controlled isolation in apartments in Nagrak rather than having to self-isolate (isoman) at home,” Ali said in the Fatahillah Hall, North Jakarta Mayor’s Office, Sunday.

Ali called on residents of northern Jakarta who have been exposed to COVID-19 to undergo controlled isolation at Nagrak Flat, Cilincing to prevent transmission of residents positive for COVID-19 to other communities around their respective residences.

Ali explained that the condition of isoman in the house is limited and there is concern that there is a possibility of transmission to the community around the residents.

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“So the apartments in Nagrak can be better controlled, monitored and facilitated. Both in terms of medicine, food, vitamins, including to provide comfort to residents of North Jakarta who are recovering from COVID-19,” said Ali.

Ali told residents of north Jakarta who tested positive for COVID-19 not to panic.

If confirmed positive, it is hoped that they can immediately report to the COVID-19 working group at RT level and the nearest Puskesmas.

Now a first inspection can be performed and an introduction should be performed if controlled isolation is required.

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Currently, Ali said, Nagrak’s apartments are only 25 percent occupied.

“We really hope that people will undergo controlled isolation in the Nagrak Flat instead of having to undergo independent isolation in their respective homes, especially for people without symptoms or people with mild symptoms,” he said. .

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